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 “They Call it the Death Star  … a Terrible weapon  … And there’s a way how to defeat it… And now it’s your time to speak up… “- Jyn Erso – Felicity Jones…

“Rebel – Spies- Steal Secret Plans”

Is the carefully arranged inspirationally wording that was the introduction of “Star Wars a New Hope” in the introduction wording of what’s to come, also gives you a premise of what’s been happening prior of what’s is the beginning of the current episode in which “Star Wars- Rogue one- A Star Wars Story” screening in theaters in 18th December 2016…  in the story out line is to steal the plans of a devastating weapon that’s been in construction since the fall of the Republic.. that could determine the outcome of the whole galaxy at stake… also it’s about in between Daughter, Father, Mother relationship through the struggles of this time.. as Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones abandon at a young teenage age, later on in life recruits by the rebellion after receiving a message from her father, Also is there’s a missing element about her mother in presenting her a Crystal that which is an essential component of  a lightsabre , thinking is Jyn’s mother a Jedi  ..  Also Darth Vader shows up too…

We see more of behind the scenes of taking the whole production experience in, that journeys that under took in conception of the foundations of the Rebel alliance, since in given you following in what’s been happening with the crew of the Ghost in Star Wars Rebels how the storylines are intricate connected woven in throughout the whole three trilogies….


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