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THINK GEEK- STAR TREK -your every day The Original Series hoodie

This coming winter it’s cold, also snowing aswell..  Also it’s hard to see when it’s snowing with that visibility cut short if you’re wearing the darks and whites during the wintery season.. In that… Wearing bright colours will help you getting identified safely in urbanely winter snow environment when crossing the snowed in streets of your Neighbourhood…

What would help you keep warm for winter is “ Star Trek-the original series”  Brightly coloured department coloured Red- Tactical/engineering, Blue- Science, and Yellow-Command/Operations uniform hoodies in which will keep you warms with its 60% cotton/ 40% Polyester composition.. it’s comes in with a black inner so it can try to keep that body heat in that you generated, so when you don the hood, also it comes with jacket pockets so you could hang your hands in there to keep warm given that you’re not wearing gloves..  Also it looks fashionably stylist good when wearing it with in between a women and men’s suit jackets underneath as you head outdoors in the snow on an away mission from work, Besides wearing that vest or jersey… Its machine cold washable, also on tumble dry to, it best not to wash it with warm water unless you want to shrink it…

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