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In about two days’ time least, or days hours,  the very first steps in returning back to the moon… with the first test flight one on a “NASA”  Orion spacecraft is called an “Exploration Flight Test one” a unmanned test article in which  will launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida,  on fourth December 2014, on a flight where it will test all parts of the Deployment systems on a Delta four heavy rockets with dual sides boosters, with a central core in which that will deploy the second stage to the orbit the Earth twice higher than any other vehicle use since the Apollo program, the first manned Luna missions to the moon in that 1973 year..

As NASA’s Deputy for flight test integration of the Orion program, Jay Estes explains the process of the first flight also its main goal is test out the systems out from the service module , also the heat shielding…  in which it lands in the Pacific ocean with a series of parachutes to stage it’s descent.. With the recovery of the United States Navy to do the recovery operations of the Orion –EFT-1.. .

Watch here for live coverage of the “NASA’s Orion exploration first test flight on NASA Television…!”

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