NASA –ORBITAL-ATK | The CisLunar Space Habitation Systems – Journey towards the Planet Mars….

There’s one other example of ways of going to the Planet Mars, in which “Elon Musk- Space X” has demonstrated, also NASA too has demonstrated their Path towards Mars. In this Case Orbital-ATK has demonstrated their Transportation systems, the CisLunar is one vision towards utilizing the Cygnus module system, basing on the “NASA SLS-Space Launch System” as the main carrier launch vehicle in the repetitive construction of the each Cygnus manned serviced modules in creating a space faring craft in featuring construction modular design in which each component is purpose build for the mission specifications..

As the modules assemble… then it’s ready to be transported with a flight crew on board for the next step in journey wise towards the Mars.. Utilizing the Orion Module as the principal work truck, in the construction time frame starting on from 2020 when the SLS program starts to takes place.. in where on 202 A ICH- Cygnus based initial Cislunar Module is launched on board the SLS with a manned Orion Module as things develop from there, the module is extracted, and placed, parked in position… until  2022 the Orion Crew Exploration Spacecraft and cargo pod launched aboard SLS for a human mission to a lunar orbit.. in where it gets assemble with the first module then more arrive in 2024 time frame where more modules added to increase capability and providing a periodic visits by human crews.. until on the 2028 time frame the habitation could be used as a destination for commercial or international unscrewed lunar missions.. in providing the 2030 time frame the CisLunar Configuration could be modified to accommodate with more modules for a duration mission to the Planet Mars as outfitted with international partners in this endeavor..

NASA-Space Launch Systems | Are you ready for a five segment SRB testing…?


On 28 June 2016, “NASA- Orbital ATK” is firing up the last test qualification testing for the five segment solid rocket booster in preparation for the return to moon on the year 2020…While the four segment solid rocket boosters were designed for the Space Transportation System in this was during the Space Shuttle era… The SLS system is designed along the same tooling and design heritage like the STS-Space Shuttle systems many elementary designs, tooling, are brought and inspire on to the SLS systems in order to reduce the operational cost… ..

The Testing is done at Promontory in Utah… in which is one of Orbital ATK’s testing facilities..  As part of this testing is done before an unmanned flight in a fully stack up Space launched System –SLS configuration to test flight on the 2018 launch calendar year… with the unmanned command Orion module with 154 feet long, with an excessive of 3.6 million pounds of thrust at Mach three…. Why not….?

SPACE X |the sleek Luxurious Dragon interior……


Command modules come a long way from the days of Apollo; the Space Shuttle also the Soyuz program, especially the design technology ergonomics aspects and it’s functionally. As the days of building up to when the Soyuz tendership from launching passengering Astronauts and Cosmonauts   starts to expire from the Russian Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos end once” NASA”” Boeing’s” Orion and “Space X’s Dragon Manned Command Module” takes its place …

As for the interior in this was based on utilizing the up to date technologies.  One or many things that I like about the Manned Dragon nine Module, is the clean white tidy lines inside with the basics colours of white and black, in allowing more outside therefore using less energy to light up the interior for seven crew members….also the interior resemble something out from the a pimp out white out Nissan Skyline..

As with the central console in which allows navigation, communications and Helm control… noting everything is wireless connected that you could control the vehicle from a tablet or through an EVA suit as the Orion Command Module is which makes everything efficient…  looking at the main console is there’s no switches like the old days of Apollo Module replacing is a tri touch screen in which reduces the accidental switching in which is housed in protective housing… It should very interesting to see the NASA Boeing Orion Module interior would looks whether it would looks very sleek likes Space X Manned Dragon’s Command Module..


NASA- ORION | EFT-1 First test flight – that first amazing flight would look like..?


In about two days’ time least, or days hours,  the very first steps in returning back to the moon… with the first test flight one on a “NASA”  Orion spacecraft is called an “Exploration Flight Test one” a unmanned test article in which  will launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida,  on fourth December 2014, on a flight where it will test all parts of the Deployment systems on a Delta four heavy rockets with dual sides boosters, with a central core in which that will deploy the second stage to the orbit the Earth twice higher than any other vehicle use since the Apollo program, the first manned Luna missions to the moon in that 1973 year..

As NASA’s Deputy for flight test integration of the Orion program, Jay Estes explains the process of the first flight also its main goal is test out the systems out from the service module , also the heat shielding…  in which it lands in the Pacific ocean with a series of parachutes to stage it’s descent.. With the recovery of the United States Navy to do the recovery operations of the Orion –EFT-1.. .

Watch here for live coverage of the “NASA’s Orion exploration first test flight on NASA Television…!”