NASA –ORBITAL-ATK | The CisLunar Space Habitation Systems – Journey towards the Planet Mars….

There’s one other example of ways of going to the Planet Mars, in which “Elon Musk- Space X” has demonstrated, also NASA too has demonstrated their Path towards Mars. In this Case Orbital-ATK has demonstrated their Transportation systems, the CisLunar is one vision towards utilizing the Cygnus module system, basing on the “NASA SLS-Space Launch System” as the main carrier launch vehicle in the repetitive construction of the each Cygnus manned serviced modules in creating a space faring craft in featuring construction modular design in which each component is purpose build for the mission specifications..

As the modules assemble… then it’s ready to be transported with a flight crew on board for the next step in journey wise towards the Mars.. Utilizing the Orion Module as the principal work truck, in the construction time frame starting on from 2020 when the SLS program starts to takes place.. in where on 202 A ICH- Cygnus based initial Cislunar Module is launched on board the SLS with a manned Orion Module as things develop from there, the module is extracted, and placed, parked in position… until  2022 the Orion Crew Exploration Spacecraft and cargo pod launched aboard SLS for a human mission to a lunar orbit.. in where it gets assemble with the first module then more arrive in 2024 time frame where more modules added to increase capability and providing a periodic visits by human crews.. until on the 2028 time frame the habitation could be used as a destination for commercial or international unscrewed lunar missions.. in providing the 2030 time frame the CisLunar Configuration could be modified to accommodate with more modules for a duration mission to the Planet Mars as outfitted with international partners in this endeavor..

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