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On United States time, During the hours of 2003 hours EDT, on 16th October 2016.. Orbital ATK is reset to launch again on re supplying NASA The international Space Station… in this is the outline components of what it’s to resupply the international Space Station from “Orbital-ATK”  During the beginning of the weekend the Antares 230 series Rocket with its newly acquired RD 181 engines was prepared in set to launching raised positioning.. in which the S.S. Alan Pointdexter Cygnus Spacecraft was rolled out from its assembly building after all of the recently components installed together..  The resupply vehicle was named in honoring the former astronaut and Naval Aviator Captain Alan Poindexter whom flown on a few STS-Space Transportation Systems- Space Shuttle Flights..

The launch will be carried out on from MARS Pad 0A, from Wallops Flight Facility, in Virginia, given a weather permitting launching from the East Coast of the United States… The Resupply mission under the CRS- Commercial Resupply Services initiative the payload featuring this sixth mission,  of sending  least 28,700 Kilograms payload…. During launch it’ll be maneuvering into park into a low orbit for the interception of the International Space Station… The payload in question consisting Saffire II, to test combustion behavioral dynamics in micro gravity with an additional Nano Rack Deployer payload of Spire Cube Satellites for weather data forecasting…

The Turin Italian made Thales Alenia Space Cygnus Cargo Spacecraft is a two components module system, that involves the SM -Service module which has its propulsion engines, power units.. With its PCM- pressurized cargo module in which carries on multiple arrays of crew supplies, spare components, scientific experiments

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