Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

Based on “Star Trek Online” innovatively done by “Starfish1” have created a series using Star Trek online gaming assets in creating an in-depth story series of the Crew of the USS Horizon, a heavily modified aging Galaxy- Venture class starship as it wonders inwardly into a nearly destroyed planetary system in asteroid field in the Avalon System  which is in unexplored space within the Roluman Republic Space…  as it investigates a Roluman exploration ship destruction, finding the Roluman ship Data recorder. The Captain Lee Holland was to investigate the state of magnetic flux in the system in correlation with the star and it’s system.. has he continues to investigate further taking a Yellowstone Roundabout shuttle into deeper within the system he finds pockets of life within caves of what’s left of one of the planet, in which was an M class world.. Surprisingly they find the remains of the Roluman crew whom made it towards planet..  During the same time temporal mechanics in discussion within two admirals in regarding the timelines, the aging USS Horizon, also the upcoming war in due process…

The web series was made using Cryptic Studios MMO’s Star Trek online, utilizing the Demorecord feature with the creating the content of the storyline within Foundry mission creator..   Music track used “Moments but Future World Music” in combination of the score Rob Jones- Star Trek – The Next Generation

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