SPACE X | a 360 view of Falcon nine reusable finally landed – on a drone ship.. Job well done..!

On ninth of April 2016, “Space X” have finally landed their first stage reusable on drone ship platform after several trials and errors in unstable conditions with an uncertain environment in which the Atlantic Ocean it is unforgiving elements.  Then the CR8 mission is the eighth resupply mission to the international Space Station, in supplying food, on-board experiments, also an inflatable module unit in development with Bigelow Aerospace for their construction of Space Stations of variant type of usage in one usage is the later construction of a new private commercial  Space station to trials in eventually become orbital hotels in orbit around Earth therefore bringing  reduction cost of traveling in affordable space tourism to the common mainstream market then later onward using the same concept of inflatable modules on the Moon Luna as the next step of affordable space tourism, .

Also this is pretty great as you play the footage of the Falcon nine landing..  you can move the video footage around to see and watch as the first stage commerce a landing on a drone barge..



SPACE X |the sleek Luxurious Dragon interior……


Command modules come a long way from the days of Apollo; the Space Shuttle also the Soyuz program, especially the design technology ergonomics aspects and it’s functionally. As the days of building up to when the Soyuz tendership from launching passengering Astronauts and Cosmonauts   starts to expire from the Russian Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos end once” NASA”” Boeing’s” Orion and “Space X’s Dragon Manned Command Module” takes its place …

As for the interior in this was based on utilizing the up to date technologies.  One or many things that I like about the Manned Dragon nine Module, is the clean white tidy lines inside with the basics colours of white and black, in allowing more outside therefore using less energy to light up the interior for seven crew members….also the interior resemble something out from the a pimp out white out Nissan Skyline..

As with the central console in which allows navigation, communications and Helm control… noting everything is wireless connected that you could control the vehicle from a tablet or through an EVA suit as the Orion Command Module is which makes everything efficient…  looking at the main console is there’s no switches like the old days of Apollo Module replacing is a tri touch screen in which reduces the accidental switching in which is housed in protective housing… It should very interesting to see the NASA Boeing Orion Module interior would looks whether it would looks very sleek likes Space X Manned Dragon’s Command Module..