NASA-Space Launch Systems | Are you ready for a five segment SRB testing…?


On 28 June 2016, “NASA- Orbital ATK” is firing up the last test qualification testing for the five segment solid rocket booster in preparation for the return to moon on the year 2020…While the four segment solid rocket boosters were designed for the Space Transportation System in this was during the Space Shuttle era… The SLS system is designed along the same tooling and design heritage like the STS-Space Shuttle systems many elementary designs, tooling, are brought and inspire on to the SLS systems in order to reduce the operational cost… ..

The Testing is done at Promontory in Utah… in which is one of Orbital ATK’s testing facilities..  As part of this testing is done before an unmanned flight in a fully stack up Space launched System –SLS configuration to test flight on the 2018 launch calendar year… with the unmanned command Orion module with 154 feet long, with an excessive of 3.6 million pounds of thrust at Mach three…. Why not….?

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