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Given that you’ve watched the intense battlement in which the episode was Tittle “ Game of Thrones-Battle of the Bastards” in which is like the scene from the Hundred year war where Jehanne d’ Arc and her army tries to take back the heavily constructed fortress city of Paris from the British and the Roman Catholic Church… during the massive Stark’s reclaiming back Winterfell there home from the Bolton’s.. There was several elements battlements on that day, when they penned they look back to many battle arenas from the battlements of Greek history, the hundred year wars, in Europe…….

In this they explain the compositions of getting from getting that forty strong Bolton cavalry in charging in real life towards Kit Harrington –John Snow after he was ploy into Ramsey’s trap…..  In this scene it was the largest battlement composition scene,  in various multiple layers of various duplication in order to create that immersive undertaking of what’s going on in between turning from hopeless to hope.. Once Sansa Stark’s Army have arrived to defeat the Bolton’s men to the very last…

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