BLUE ORGIN | Flight four of New Shepard reusable first stage….


On 19th June 2016, Blue Origin, has successfully launched also demonstrated on New Shepard, in which is go in which reusing this existing New Shepard first stage for the fourth time in going into space, in this launch, in the Texas test flight, of testing new systems, with new equipment also getting ready for International Space Station re-resupply also to carry Astronauts and passengers..  In reaching to apogee of 101 Kilometers, as to said with new equipment inboard given one or two sets of levels redundancies of every systems in which to bring the crew home .. In this launched them pushing the system to beyond its limits to check that the boosters towards the landing site….


In this we see , from launched to separation from first stage, then New Shepard first stage starts for reentry on a massive acceleration down braking with a control landing began at  ten to five thousand feet, landing on the spot.. Then capsule demonstrated safety with the two parachute system… The next flight will demonstrated the internal safety systems also the transonic escape system will be used to test the solid rocket motors to propel away from the main New Shepard stage with be tested in later in the year.. … …

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