3D PRINTING | President Obama gets printed in 3D…?


For the first time the President of United states, “President Obama” gets artistically printed in 3D in collaboration with the “Smithsonian” , in previously it was a plaster cast to get the true likeness of the Presidents in creating that Bust or life cast…

Now in this process takes on now on different techniques in getting creating that Portrait of a sitting President… In this also Adam Metallo, the 3D Digitization program officer at the Smithsonian explains.. By using  a mobile light box in which consist of measuring millions of measurements, using from custom built  fifty LED lights, with fifty Sports Hi-Res, and six wide angle Cameras, in which to capture those millions of measurements with using a Hand Held Light  3D scanner,  to fringe light scan the dimensions to composite a digital portrait of the President..

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