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As the saga continues directed by J.J. Abrams from a screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan also Abrams “Star Wars- the Force Awakens” is in theatres, on the 18th December 2015, with an interesting twist with a newly Sith figure in the wake of a dark forest.. Thinking presuming could that be the new Emperor Palpatine is risen due to cloning on Kamino city as we see during the Episode two- Attack of the clones… with an old school Sith Lightsaber , knowing in the past Sabre weapons have been more brutal than the civilise ones than the Jedi Order use to combat with.. There’s a squadron of X-wings flying above the surface of a lake thinking have they return to Naboo or have something had happen to their mother’s Queen Padme’s home world…

As the saga continues it’s a story of the Skywalker house hold… From the very start how the from the first scene in that desert planet Tatooine in the first episode of The Phantom Menace… thinking after   Return of the Jedi, that the Skywalker household as finally resides as home… and how looking into that YT 1300 Millennium Falcon Evasive chase by Tie Fighters having thinking that the remaining imperial fleet have found them given waiting, buying their time during the time of rebuilding the New Republic..  With the stealth attack with the newly form armoured equip of Stormtroopers… thinking in that scene where Daisy Ridley character on that large speeder bike it racing to warn the Skywalkers, having looking over into the skies then that Millennium Falcon chase..

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