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I’ve try this weather app for quite some time now, it’s really easy to use due to the way how it’s isographically presented. It’s very simple to understand the infromationally digested. The iOS App is design in a dial clock format which makes it swiftly to see what’s going on in your current weather situation.

It’s present the day and night in either a twelve, twenty four or a whole week’s worth of weather assumption prediction forecast. In which using versus the is Device Weather App, which shows limited data of what’s going on throughout the whole day or week, with Partly Cloudy it show me the duration of the incoming rainfall precipitation, it’s density or intenseness, which is good if you decide to avoid putting laundry on the backdoor clothes hanger, then you wonder what’s a clothes hanger…? In where you could use conventionally a clothes dryer after washing.

If you into farming or sailing this will show you interesting wind force by the intensely of wind measure in Beaufort wind force scale, given farming this will determine how much spread of irrigation of spread of water spray is require to maximized . it gives you the current temperature readings in also in highs and lows, and also displayed on the clock like grid showing the different degrees of temperature thought colour. In real time it shows the current timing, on the current day, with this mind you could add different locations of cities so see what the weather , current, or a week worth, so you judge what to wardrobe when you travelling or adventuring.

like to know more about Partly Cloudly app is made in German, by Raufeir, also its source of data is gathered from Norwegian Meteorological Institute also from the Open weather map.

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