Oberth – that mysterious girl that was your high school lab partner?

In this class, of its own, the light science vessel, first seen in the Star trek “the search for Spock” where the U.S.S Grissom NCC-638 does a routine science assignment to check the progressive development of the new form planet Genesis in the Mutara Nebula, located in Mutara sector. After the incident from the genocide of the crew of Regula one to obtain a proto-matter device naming Genesis.

Given that your discipline is science this is the introductory Oberth class, this is the next step up on your current rank of Lieutenant. This class of ship gives more abilities and upgrades from your first girl- Miranda Shikar Centaur that gave you, adventuring, learning plus letting herself for you to getting to know her.

The Oberth class, is an interesting class, it’s a few that’s doesn’t get to actively flown around in, even though it has more abilities than to the starter ship classes. Thinking it’s maybe due to the lack of fashionably changes to it, it’s comes with a standard one piece suit or school uniform, the standard pencil skirt, the two button blazer, providing it comes with a standard chemise, blouse top, but with pumps instead of wearing boots or heels. But what she does come with is an array of interesting features, more so than the girl you’ve just met — Miranda Shikar Centaur. Oberth, you intriguing lab partner does come with a lab coat of abilities with a standard hull rating of 10,000, but with a shield modifier of 1.2, non on the starter ship, but with and interesting standard turn rate of thirteen degrees per second. but you two could go shopping later in changing how her liveries colours on her lab coat and her standard suit, the various brigdes module designs aswell too.

Oberth clip from Cryptic STO

What interesting to know, that she’ll give you some interesting notes to share with you, which – Miranda Shikar Centaur and other light classes doesn’t share note with you. Notes she’ll will share with you of how to plus 10% Hull Strength, 30% shield, 15 plus power to auxiliary able to Cloak detection, sensor Analysis, also to target subsystem. The Bridge seating is just the same as – Miranda Shikar Centaur, but the consoles are interesting it has one Engineering, two Science which is an advantage, one Tactical. But one universal console-Enhance plasma manifold, which gives you temporary powers and repairs to Auxiliary and shields systems, plus a plus five on Auxiliary power also.

Another  interesting thing is having a smaller class ship does have its advantages when in combat the size make maundering  interesting swifter than larger ones that will follow in your command relationships with other higher tier ship classes.  Which means flying in closely attacking and then flying out, for another round, instead of larger higher tier classes staying at a comfortable distances.

Oberth is an interesting ship, she has three console in which you could place different varies of batteries, such as small or large shields, weapons, engines, or auxiliaries in which you get an advantage, over the other Lieutenant grade ships, which only have two, but one of them has two tactical console, which could be an almost equal. Oberth has two forward weapons and one rear weapons slots. Orthough your lab partner-Oberth comes in standardly dress, but you shout here with some accessories, so she could kick ass with equip able weapons, such as accessories as canons, beam arrays, dual beam banks, turrets, torpedo and mine launcher of different energy and degrees.

Orthough when starting out from a knowing a girl name- Miranda Shikar Centaur then only knowing Oberth only in the lab and the library, she will teach how to survive a little more longer than the Lieutenant class ships than of escorts, and cruisers. From a point even when you’ve have parted, you’ll still remember her, that she’ll inspire you knowledgably intimately teaching the abilities than mixing all three, science, engineering, tactical together for a very long time.

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