Miranda Shikar Centaur – the first girl that you’ll meet?

Miranda Shikar Centaur – the first girl that you’ll meet. “- and there’s a girl that she’ll give to it to you, “is the one of the first scenes that when Jenna pointed out to the young fresh William Adama to the almost freshly minted Battlestar Galatica BS-75 in service during the first Cyclon war on Battlestar Galatica- Blood and Chrome on Machima Prime.

In this case you’ll get to meet her- your first ship, is when you, first finish the completion of the introductionally mission just to get know the basics of getting around the using your grounded abilities on ground combat, a mission where you fight against the Borg, after just leaving the mess hall you’re assemble with others to combat the Borg on board you station ship. Then after you learning the ground basics you’ll get to figure out the space basics of flying your assign ship, in a search, rescue and also basic ship combat with the Borg in the Vega System. With this in mind you’ll get to command a Miranda, Shikar or a Centaur class ship. All three classes in have the basics starter packs.

All three classes are your starter cruiser ships, and come in hull rating of 10,000; she also comes with an impulse modifier of .15 and a turn rate of thirteen degrees per second. She’s is armed with one rear weapons slot, and two forward weapons slot. With one of each tactical, science and engineering console so you could increase the ship’s modify abilities to give you more advantages also with two device slots which you could either add shields, weapons, or engine batteries or later one more gained award devices to accessories her.

There are other advantages that will bring you is abilities of skills that your Bridge offices will bring to give you that extra edge, in the process adventuring with her, you’ll soon be awarded with new Bridge crew or after grinding many times, you could ascertain for more officers from either recruitment or from the exchange, as long you’ve got lots of energy credits (EC).
With Miranda Shikar Centaur, there are many combinations that you could change her look, in the shipyard to find the right look that’s suits you, the saucer, hull, pylons, also the nacelles, it’s like changing the way of dress sense of the jacket, the top, the skirt, the boots or heels fashionably speaking, also the colour, also liveries on your ship’s hull.

You could accessorizing her-your ship with some defensive items with a selection of weapons and various types, from different degrees of canons, beam banks, beam arrays, also Torpedo launchers. With equipping you ship with your selection of weapons, it’ll affect your game play as the other associated items that you’ve installed on your ships engineering, science, and Tactical consoles. Also your gameplay depends of what either departmental trait that you are also as a science, tactical, engineering officer that you are.

With Miranda Shikar Centaur class it’s a Lieutenant rank ship, in the your story, you’ll skill up to with having evasive maneuvers, and as gained levelling up to skills on your chosen departmental trait it you’ll ascertain with having either for Engineering (Rotational shield frequency) Science (senor scans) then for Tactical (attack pattern alpha) these ascertain on you character will give you the either de-buffs or buffs up your abilities. Given that your first date with Miranda Shikar Centaur is a little rough but later you’ll get to know your first class tiers one cruiser more as you two progressively adventure together.

to get to know your first ship here are some interesting facts about who is Miranda Shikar Centaur, also on star trek online wiki.

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