BEHIND THE SCENES | MILK VFX- mass effect three- the making…?

Given that you love the visual effects of Milk a London based visual effects company… whom done the BAFTA awarding winning visual effects for BBC Doctor who and Sherlock… then they did some amazing commercial production and live action footage for Mass Effects three .. In this short film they’re using various real live actions filming as the centric storyline that earth is attacked by the Reapers as seen in “Mass Effect three” that storyline in a centric London San Francisco, Hong Kong  Reaper invaded Earth is about to fall..

In complying this short film for the game “Mass Effect three” … They use various composition scenes from digitally Matt painting, 3D Matt painting San Francisco evolve in its future self with the composition with the Golden Gate Bridge being destroyed by adding various shots … provide with Matt painting artist Lyndall Spagnoletti, assisting 2D Compostor Henning Glabbart.. VFX supervising is Jean-Claude Dogura… Who with an amazing team together then to produce with the composition with the extra standalone visual effects then applied into the main scene with Commander Shepard fighting in the battle ravage terrain against the reapers… also Bioware the producers of Mass Effect came along to provide all the assets the extra ground work of getting the Reapers… And the extra characters into the short movie scene… to provide that Earth is under attack from the Reapers…


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