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As season ten for “Delta Rising” builds up for the upcoming month of October 2014… so does the partial crew of the retrofitted Voyager returning after 32 years that they’re left… whom are sent to investigate the number of incursion that happened in the Alpha, Beta Quadrant…that may also that incursion applied in the Delta Quadrant also.. Given that the Iconians are back… also travelling through the Delta Quadrant is made easier through a founded Iconian gateway…

As in the previous seasons you seen Tim Russ reprised this role as Admiral Turvok… in season nine in the “New Accord”… as also as Dennis Crosby.. Reprising her role as the Romulan Commander Sela… In the previous season…  In season ten most of USS Voyager’s bridge crew returns… Jeri Ryan – Seven of Nine… Ethan Phillips-Neelix…. Robert Picardo- The Doctor…also Harry Kim-Garrett Wang… Will be returning in October fall season…  interestingly that three have aged Neelix, Turvok, and Kim…except of seven of nine- Annika Hansen…  also given that Admiral Turvok.. Then… Also guessing that Harry Kim is a Rear Admiral to… looking at the rank in the new Odyssey uniforms…


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