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There are three new Starships that’s coming along the way in construction in preparing for season ten for “ Star Trek online” also they’re  Tier six… in which coming October and past it’s best to start leveling up you.. Or your captains… So when the time comes in October you could ascertain those ships…  there are three ships that are in construction… The Phantom Intel Escort… The Eclipse Intel Cruiser…. The Scryer Intel Science Vessel… Orthough there’s have been any information on the console specs yet on the three vessels I’m only guessing that they have more console and bridge station arrangements than the fleet variants..


The Phantom Intel Escort.

The Phantom Intel Escort… is a Tier six light escort gathering it looks like the same scale sizes as the in Patrol or advance escort… With the edge of a tactical escort… which makes it an interesting vessel for full tactical onslaught run in’s and again quickly given its quite swiftly fast…. It has the usual refinements of the giving a fully folly of cannon fire.  But inherently having a universal console Phaser lance in which does some serious damage akin to the Galaxy dreadnought in which that direct blast bypasses their shields into the hulling… as with some science abilities to scan using its sensor arrays to find out your targets… Weakest points… To give you the maximum damage on your targets…   given if you used the sensor array in con-junction with the Phaser lance abilities you’ll maximized inflict more damage imposed to your target…  given that you get the three main consoles from the Phantom, Eclipse and the Scryer..


The Eclipse Intel Cruiser


The Eclipse Intel Cruiser…is also a Tier Six Cruiser…  Given its look and size it can be scale in between the odyssey and sovereign class… but more likely to the later… the shape of the Eclipse… Kinda reminds me of the Battlestar Galatica… Its long lengthily hull, its four warp nacelles in the same form of BSG75 four engineering’s impulse engines…  by looking at the design its definitely a beam arrays, turrets for this ship with some torpedo company presently.. With some serious turn rate to cool either side of left and right shields generation…  unless its allowed to be  equipped with some serious cannons like the Vesta variant class that’ll be interesting to see the end results…

The Eclipse is equipped with the standard refinements the cloaking device and the active sensor array  but have one interesting universal console in which is very similar to the Borg console to which it either syphon your targets energy also weakens and drains the structural integrity… but provide you more with additional hull strength.. given if you used the sensor array in con-junction with the Phaser lance abilities you’ll maximized inflict more damage imposed to your target…  given that you get the three main consoles from the Phantom, Eclipse and the Scryer..


The Scryer Intel Science Vessel

The Scryer Intel Science Vessel… is a Tier Six… Intel Science Vessel, looking at its size it roughly gathering it’s between the size length scale in between the Vesta and Luna Class but gathering it’s the later size of the Luna…  looking at its unique saucer section reminds of the open saucer hull of JJ Abrams Star Trek-Into Darkness… USS Vengeance… that been said… the Scryer has the hallmarks of the Luna Class… with the typical deflector dish engineering hull on top of the engineering section… Having a much lowered warp nacelle arrangement… also having the same refinements…of a cloaking device and an Active Sensor Array..

With the interesting hulling arrangement… is very tight in which is given to be very maneuverable   guessing to that this is akin wise to the Eclipse Intel Cruiser… a ship which is designated to  have Beam Arrays without cannons with turrets and torpedoes, but that is yet to be seen  with cannons..

One of the unique universal consoles is the used a multiple of swarms of Sensor Probes… in which is very similar ability to when you get your Dyson mission with the Obelisk Carrier…  In which probes does some serious damage your targets ship in order the hold them in fix position .then weaken the shields … draining it.. Also the swarm can be used on when vessels are cloaked… uncloaking them… in which providing you the advantage..

Given that you get the three main consoles from the Phantom, Eclipse and the Scryer… It’ll provide with a lot of advantages with from the upgrade tier five to six class ships… Orthough it unknown that you could transfer those abilities to your other ships in you shipyard…  but when given it’ll provides an interesting tremendous outcome advantage with the additional universal consoles that you installed on your ship..  So come on October fourteenth 2014.. We shall see. !


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