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#StarTrekOnline #Season14.5 | #DS9 #VictoryIsLife – celebrating the twenty five years anniversary of #StarTrek #DeepSpaceNine – A Gallery –

June 15, 2018

Celebrating the twenty five years Anniversary Star Trek Deep Space Nine …. DS9 – Deep Space nine in which first aired in 1993, third January… in which was introduced first look into a storyline of a former commander, first office of a Wolf 359 Borg Destroyed Miranda Starship USS Saratoga in which resulted into the loss of his wife, also his ship evacuated with his son in wondering to do next for the rest of his life in also caretaking his teenage son Jake.. Until Commander Ben Sisko was offered an Assignment to now Bajorian –United Federation of Planets collaboration on a once a Cardassian Space Mining processing Station – Terok Noir, in which now previously liberated long ago from the Cardassian Occupation it’s been given a new designation DS9-Deep Space Nine..  In which Commander Sisko is place as Commanding officer of the Station in trying to cope with life also with his son after Wolf 359…..  From then on Ben Sisko was thinking retiring early… Until he was bestowed the Emissary in between the Bajorian and the Federation……   in which he agree to that this is life after Wolf 359, in which Captain Jean Luc Picard noted to him after they exchange a few interesting life insights from the USS Enterprise-D…….


From then on with those interesting exchanges Ben’s life goes into another book in the Bajorian System, in which he with his new and old found friends, allies, also opponents work collectively in helping out in protecting the way of life of Deep Space Nine into Seven season in which seen the Dominion War through the wormhole in which connected to the Delta Quadrant..  In Star Trek Online we see what happens few decades later after when we left “ What you Leave Behind” where Captain Ben Sisko

Star Trek Online -Victory is life is when Odo- Rene Auberjonis,   the lovable Deep Space Nine Constable whom comes back from the Gamma Quadrant it which he is now the leader of the Changeling Collective in which coming back with a full Dominion Jem’ Hardar Armada to counter the Hur’q  in which they once decimated the Klingon Empire once  in that awaking they pose a major threat to the other alliances with the Roluman, Klingon Empire  basically to the whole four major quadrants of the Milky Way in which  akin like to the Iconian War..

A flyby over Deep Space Nine..

During the development of the Victory is Life is the brand new detail interior, Exterior of Deep Space nine within the whole map redevelop as to very detail on television set, from the promenade to the exterior with exact studio details features colours of the Station….. Drawing up those details the developer went back in finding the studio plans of the set in which you may notice Quark’s is more open rather being transition into from another map…. There have been many improvements towards how the transitioning of more stores inside the promenade in which more to scale wise…

Walking around the Promenade has more sense of life  around Deep Space Nine you see where the infirmary – medical section room is where Doctor Bashir once resides this practices, the Tailor store where  once Garak once tailor in exile his finest creations..  There’s spiral helix staircases in which you can walk up towards the upper Promenade deck where Jake Sisko and Rom used to hangout watching the every daily lives of residences below…

Walking upwards to the operations heart of Deep Space Nine is the recreation detailing in scale of the Operations, even Captain Ben Sisko’s office has been updated with its detail with more of his life hoping for his return…  life seemingly more active in Deep Space Nine with the new rendition in making way for Season 14.5 Victory for Life…  Looking towards outside of Sisko’s office windows you can see outside of the outside structures of Deep Space Nine’s ring structure…

Victory is Life Episode premise is like” What Captain Ben Sisko would do” in this case Ambassador Odo replicates that transitional experiences learn from in the spirit of “What would Ben Sisko do” when there’s a crisis regarding to the Hur’q that they will parasite into the very heart of the Federation alliances in which unify in such way in which the Iconian war did..  As exploring the episode visiting, talking with the delegates from the Deep Space Nine series, really bring back memories of when the Deep Space Nine was overtaken by the Dominion – Jem Hardar… Especially that conference table where all the collective agreements takes place in getting the job done in countering the Hur’q as…  they become the next threat that’s already seen in the Gamma Quadrant..

Captain Ben Sisko seat and office is always kept warm awaiting for his return with his iconic baseball ready to play baseball in Quarks Holo Suite..

During Victory is life season there’s been many improvements in regarding to the Captain level capping, previously it was level 60 that you can attain to now its level sixty five in which with more levelling traits that you can level up…. Captains can now for only a limited time can play as a level sixty Jem Hardar officer captain, with then in a similar approach to the Roluman- twenty third century faction .. With additional ship from DS9 lock boxes… with Jem Hadar light Battlecruiser also with Marquis Raider, with different traits and abilities…  Among besides the lock box ships is two new ships is the Cardassian Galor Cruiser with the Jem’Hadar Vanguard Carrier… also Lobi store items in which needs exploring……

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