HALO |3D printing your own Spartan… relive your gaming moments…. !


Given that you purchase all the Halo’s figures… You may find it interesting that “Sandbox” is now 3D printing your favorite Spartan, form “ 343 Industries”  Halo… with the customization with your preferences in what from selecting different articulation of poses, with various bases, Customizing your armour, the colour customization. The customization comes in three sizes, between small medium large in height… as in various poses of you in the game in which makes you remembers the gameplay… The detail of the printed Spartan is beautifully detail with every grove in the armour, the weaponry, delivery time takes between two weeks, depending on your location…  also it makes a upcoming gift for a special event excellent unique gift for that gaming partner..!

WORLD OF WARCRAFT – Documentary| looking for group… an inside to Blizzard..?

On eighth of November 5.00 Pacific Time “Blizzard’s World of Warcraft” is celebrating ten years of the most diverse adventurous successive MMORPG … during this Documentary…  it explores the many social aspects of the community through gameplay and how it could apply in real life social circumstances through living through their characters they adventure throughout Azeroth.. the Documentary explores the lives with its creators, developers, also an inside depth of Blizzards first time insight to the public of what lies behind those servers rooms and systems .

DESTINY | become that legend-live action Trailer…?

As “Bungie’s” Halo series, “Density” its next generation first person shooter about to be released on ninth September 2014 global… Where you become that legend taking back what ours… In a enrich worlds.. With intense storyline and telling to bring you that game play..  In this is the latest storytelling of what you and your friends team up in that storylines. .with upgradable weapons armour through various customization fashionably…. To reclaim Earth and its territories… Kicking action. From the Moon, Venus, Mars, to Earth… and I’m wonder about that girl who kicking adventurously more than her male counterparts…

CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION | moonlight blade…beta three…?

In a MMORPG create a character, in a Massive Multiplayer Online, Role Player Game…  The character that you create it represents you, the very essences, or the variant nature version of you.

One of many representations of you is creation or the customization of your clothing on your character. In this MMORPG you get to choose yourself in a  that variant essence’s of you  in either gender Female or Male…  also the specific physical attributes that represents you in that world.. In “Moonlight Blade” a MMORPG produced by “Tencent Games”… you customized representative you essence self in Ancient china… in which the gameplay is more of in a movie leveled lattice storylines in Chinese.. In somewhat akin to Skyrim…

In Moonlight blade demonstrated by “You tuber Steparu.com ‘… You get to choose the various specific abilities skillset classes… akiness to like Mage, warrior…. Watching the customization through the User interface is quite relatively simple to use… with the various types of hair styles… Facials, makeup.. The body, looking at the facial, body the texturing is simply extremely detail..  as watching there’s not much as the extremely of customizing of the body type, clothing details like “Star Trek online” “Star Wars the  old republic“ or “War of Warcraft”.. But it gives you that some time moment in creating that representative you… to get you ingame quickly…at the moment this is 3rd closed beta testing with the advance customization disabled given there might be more. …