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Currently Today on the 1st of July 2017..  it’s the weekend as I’m writing-Keyboarding-photo editing some Luna Photography on a wintery very much gusty rainy day wet winters day … over the last few frosty silky cold nights the moon Luna has been going from last month of being the strawberry moon in which in saying that it is elliptically furthest orbitally away in orbit around this Planet Earth this is known as the Mini Moon in versa to the Super Moon that we know off in where the Moon is closest to it orbit also as the Moon rises the from the Horizon , Earth’s atmosphere is among viewing is the thickness layer creating a thicker lensing where image is magnify more as to when the moon is over head where it thinness. …..

Among where the moon, Luna enters out from the New Moon in where she Unveils Slowly of her terminator Veil in revealing her crater lacy dress, in revealing most of the depths of the shadowy craters in revealing the tapestry cratered embroidery of her dress..

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