ARMAGEDDON | over viewing Auckland 2015


Star wars - a kick ass female stormtrooper

Armageddon Auckland 2015 has been interesting this year as more vendors are in the main halls of the ASB Pavilions as the signing booths last year created a crowded situation in halls number two… in that there’s been numerous changes to how its run..

In that changes that, the signing booths is no long there in place where they used to be in halls of two in where the last years they’ve been an overcrowding also in the past and has the years of events increase so has the crowds whom have awaited them.. in that they shifted the signing booth in the Logan Campbell center, in that it freed up walking space in its place with smaller vendors booth.. in which free up for more comic artists to be include more for this year.

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During the first day of the convention it was busy, as the morning progress where the crowds crowded the halls progressively onwards to the next few days slightly dropping of day by day lessen by least three in the afternoon to where you can walk almost freely with a less  warm..

During the time, at gaming halls, with in between  Microsoft’s Xbox also to of Sony PlayStation, most of the featured upcoming games as with demonstration version of Star Wars Battlefront, Guitar Hero, Tomb Raider – rise of the,  Star Wars – infinity,  also the next series of  Battlefield.. As to card gaming community the Magic, with next to it with some serious PC modding…

In mostly of the three days of the labour weekend it’s been mostly the cosplayers whom made up the creativity in costume play their inspired characters whether it’s animie to scifi, also various of other events panels like the featured screening of AFK a story of gamers whom are trapped in their gaming world in their gaming characters.. Like mostly were DC and Marvel characters, Star wars from the 501 legion, as this year is heavily Star wars focus…

As next year’s Armageddon should be interesting to see what comes with Star Wars eight also with The Justin Lin reboot of Star Trek bring it back how it was old school written..

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