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Have you ever wondered why there’s a crescent Moon. which on some nights it looks like the moon is blinking right back you like this 😉 !  while on some night it’s looks like a Pac Man chasing after a Planet naming Venus on some seasonal nights in the Southern Hemisphere, trying to out run some Ghosties!, or is it some big smile 🙂  that trying to cheer you up at night sideways.

You’ve been wondering how does Crescent, forms on the  Moon?  They’re  form when most of the Earth shadow overcast onwards to the most coverage surface area of the luna surface giving a sliver of light. This happens in different paths in conjuction with the Sun, Earth and the Moon. 

Best times to observations of cresecent are in the early and the later week quarters durations of the of the month, the times of  observing a smiling moon is after a New Moon, and slowly right after a full Moon.

So when you look up in the night sky at the moon, you could be mistaken that you’re in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland having  The Cheshire Cat leading you to the way of Mad hatters tea party, or look up knowing the moon is giving you a smile, cheering you up after a hard weeks work!

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