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In season eleven “New Dawn on Star Trek Online”  it’s about rebuilding after a massive saga of the Iconian war that started 200,000 years ago as they make claim on their home galaxy, The Milky way.. As the war continues in the Andromeda Galaxy and the Iconian forces grows thin so it does in the Milky Way…  In this season is the conclusion is recovering of the war and rediscovering of going back into exploration of unknown worlds..  As this it’s there’s another interesting un told story line arc about Deep Space Nine in the Bajor System where we going to revisit the cast and crew of the DS9 and where left off after Sisko.. .

As to this, there are new systems, as part of the awaiting Admiralty system, you can now send your inactive ship in your drydock with crew like how you do on selective stations given you have extra bridge officers to command the ship for you to do the on three different assignments that you assigned.. in which they do give specialization traits….

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