STAR WARS | battlefront- the fighter gameplay like your back in the trench run.. !


As “Star Wars Battlefront” is set to be release on 17th November 2015 produce by “Dice” …there’s more air combat  epic scenes where you get to hop in your favorite vehicles  in flying fighting in between your chosen sides the Rebellion.. or the Imperial side where you get to fly in between the X-wings and fast assault tactical A-wings in hunting down the Imperial forces.. or given that  that you have a Sith in you flying the Tie fighter, interceptors and you get to team up with twenty of your friends to fight the fight depending what sides you chose on..  The game play is just intense as you see in the Arcades where you fly in a X-Wing doing the trench run to destroy the Death Star but on a extremely different level than flying combat Tom Clancy Hawx ..

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