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Japan’s Science and technology from the Osaka University and Kyoto University, have recently introduce ERICA and she’s 23 years old…  as an early entry female android who was constructed out from using artificial life and intelligence in which was able to communicate with easy grasp adaption with voice…. As answers your questions it goes through various facial emotions expressions through nineteen articulation pneumatic points of her head…

The project is very akin to in which Toshiba which introduced, produces a line of shopping mall store assistants like “Aiko Chihara” which will answer your everyday store inquires.. Through various methods with a smile… in response to another inquiry robot is Hong Kong base Technology Company Hanson Robotics uses the extremely lifelike inquiry assistants to answer common questions doing It’s is expectedly to be used in the lines of helping out of the elderly also becoming their caregivers, also as to medical training applications of say of helping out Autistic children, also personal self-entertainment ….

Given that ERICA is full developed into an artificial life component it could be used as an integration component of the next stage where her body itself can self-articulate with due responses..


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