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On 28th September 2019, the thirty two year anniversary of the airing date for Star Trek the Next Generation in which featured the pilot episode of Encounter at Far point , in which takes place after the  crew of Captain Kirk command the Constitution Class  USS Enterprise in which  seventy years later it’s the Galaxy Class Enterprise commanded by Captain Picard..

SpaceX – Today in a Cameron County Texas, marks a testing starting point of the process of a newly development towards a larger reusable launcher carrier rocket in which it was named the Big Falcon Rocket a reusable in which it has its own classification of as a Starship Super Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle.. In which designed as a multi-purpose vehicle akiness of the Space Shuttle.. Functioning as Mars Colonization, Earth Lunar Transportation, Multiplanetary Transport, Intercontinental transport, orbital launcher, with space tourism…   in which also acts as a mass satellite deployment device… The design comes with two staging the carrier rocket with the secondary stage, in which with all a reusable landing mechanisms….

During the past few months it was also the testing lift off to landing of the propulsion unit of its newly developed Raptors Engines a larger version of the Merlin engines with a length of the fifty meters, with a body diameter of nine meters with a ship dry mass of eighty five tonnes.. Designed out from advance stainless steel shell… In which resists high temperatures, with rugged ceramic tiles for re-entry maximum heat areas in which the heat shield is designed for long term with low maintenance support rapid production and installation..

With the primary stage the Super Heavy with six landing legs, thirty seven raptor engines with a body diameter of nine meters, ship length of sixty eight meters, using the experiences on the Falcon Heavy reusable carrier rocket…  in which it should be interesting to see how its variants differ with engine cluster increase depending on mission types..

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