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“……Same Old, Same Old. Just the Doctor and Clara Oswald In The Tardis….”

As season nine” Doctor Who”  approaches on 19th September, we see a much more darker season as season nine story goes back to the Day of the Doctor also the back to the begin of William Hartwell days of going back to Skaro, the home world of the Daleks.. Before it burn in flames during the time war where it was going against the universe…. in this the Doctor and Clara it looks like both travel back to the early Skaro, knowing the designs were very simple than the rather cluttered,  where we see the Dalek have a second early encounter with the Doctor having if they went back to the early Skaro…

It’s interesting to see Maisie Williams in this season. Her character can be describe either as the Doctor’s Granddaughter Susan Foreman or now that she mention “ Hello Old Man” to the Doctor presuming that she’s his Daughter among like Jenny ( Georgia Moffett)…. Also the return of the Zygons , interesting what they’re up too now, given that have they completely remember whom they are after awaking from there duplicated persona…  as to the new monsters in this they’re even more terrifying just as the weeping angels …

In this it is always interesting to Missy (the Master- Michelle Gomez) what she’s up too.. Thinking that the Missy and the Doctor have always been in relationship before seemingly that this relationship has been tormenting playfully to her, also that the Master have always been a woman but with random regenerations sequences that you could end up as girl or a boy..


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