Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

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When you look at Luna the Moon tonight.. as settling down progressively from a full moon to the now at the moment over here as seen arriving  in early  in the morning, in which provides and advantage in during the late evenings at night in viewing Comet LoveJoy in which is path have progressively travelling to and from the Orion Constellation.  From the foot of it as raced from Rigel and Safi now still viewable from above Taurus constellation given this is from a Southern Hemisphere advantage point in Auckland..

As you decidedly stay up very late onto the early part of the morning you’ll see the moon raised east wise….As Luna about half moon at the moment it’s the best time view at Luna to see the timeless details of shadowy depths in craters. .in which are mountains in length casted… in most cases the shadows of that size will eclipse whole moderated sized cities..  Looking it closer through a telescope among the terminator line your see other lighted rimmed mountain crated tops lighted up…

When you look at the moon or Luna each night Wink at the Moon-Luna as remembering the Late Astronaut Neil Armstrong   and his Amazing works…

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