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Its summery over here in Auckland, also the nights are warm.. And for this fashion season it’s wearing dressing light as see the various night-time window shopping… With bold, dark colours, such as black, blue, oranges   reds, and floral pastel with white’s colours and prints, Looking around its all about breathable summery fabrics, in with summery dresses, Skirts tops and jackets… in which is the prescription for the season keeping your cool throughout in a summery humid warm days and nights…

Also as you walking and window shopping around you can make the sense moderately judge of what the season style is around… also precluding presumptions into what’s the fall and winter clothing line is. Is something like thinking what the next season of television seasons is after you seen the current series…  like how you seen in the few stores… That the theme is the Orange is the new black…

 As walking around in between a small section moderately secluded High Street nearby the main street of Queen street as to the new Fashion district of Auckland  in the Britomart district..  In around the Downtown Queen street.. There are two new Fashion Stores, Dior, and Prada… in following Louis Vuitton also Gucci…

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