LUNA PHOTOGRAPHY | Slideshow instagraming- September and October 2014…?

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During these two months it has been an interesting orthough it rained mostly clouded in Auckland mostly all the time, there was some interesting moments in viewing the starry night sky…. As there was some openings in clear nights during those two months and daylight savings just hit in the very late of September viewing has become later in the evening in the hours of between 1900 to 2200 hours… as viewing of that duration between the months we get to see the Planet Mars slowly progressively moving and retrograding to the constellation of Scorpio also with the Planet Saturn..  as well in the constellation of Libra… right in front of Scorpio…westwardly.. Also there’s been some few interesting ISS-International Space Station spotting as it reflectively brightly of sunlight off from its vast size solar arrays that provides electrical power to the station…  So as I’m writing this post tonight is the Luna Eclipse in which will be happen between the hours of 1900 to 0300 hours in New Zealand time.. As you see the moon goes Luna Rosa when you look easterly…

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