STAR WARS | Star Wars Battle pod –your next arcade at home …?

A long time ago before spending time gaming on PC seriously some of those Haunts was spend in Arcades… most of the them was gaming in the Star Wars genre.. Flying an X-wing destroying tie fighters in gearing up in that movie chase seen where you’ve in that scene where you flying into that Death Star canyon so you could fire a pair of Proton Torpedoes in Death Star Exhaust ports.. while you’re chase by Darth Vader and later deter by your friend Han Solo returning in the Millennium Falcon..  and then using the force you fire that  trigger in goes the torpedoes then making that run for then ending the Death Star’s service record..

Bandai namco games -Star Wars Battle Pod

As Star Wars games progresses among the graphics and gameplay in different aspects… then this upcoming “Star Wars Battle Pod” has all those aspects in recreating those moments in from Episode four to six… In battlements of the Death Star, to Hoth, to the speeder bike s fights with the stormtroopers on the moon Endor… to shut down the Death Star’s shield generator..  Then you’re in the Millennium Falcon with Lando..  Going through the vast tunnels in finding and destroying the Death Star’s main reactor…  The Battle Pod is manufactured by Bandai Namco Games they do other flight combat simulations arcades units aswell to intense extreme combat fighter simulations… Bandai Namco introduce the Battle pod during the announcement event at Marquee, New York…also it’ll be at the duration of” New York Comic Con” and it’s full US launch of the Battle pod will go on in the month of January 2015…

The Battle pod Console as seen in the” Kotaku” is petty intensive fast but instructive as you go through the gameplay through the trenches… It shows which game controls to use in the simulator..

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