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Amazon- star wars – Darth Vader candy bowl holder – for Halloween

Is Halloween is around the corner in about in three weeks on the 31st October?  And there’s a lot of trick and treating around… So in preparations of that festival ghoulish day and handing out treats in candy during that evening using a bucket.. but why not a “Darth Vader candy bowl holder”  in time for Halloween also it makes a great  desktop sculpture during that working day or night at your desk working handing out you treats in keep your momentum going..   also given they’re other  “ star Wars”  characters as well to desktop theme your work desk  such as the “Master Yoda” “Storm Trooper” “Boba Fett” “Darth Maul” and the “Cute Jawa” helping you out while working or handing out treats during  that Halloween evening, keeping your momentum at work, or just helping out the Jack-O-Lantern outside..

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