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Given that you’re in the southern hemisphere, and in Auckland then this month you’ll get to see the mid summery night at eight in the evening, in which you’ll get to see the such constellations as Orion, Canis Major, Taurus, left west wise is the open cluster is the Pleiades, Planet Jupiter in pass the constellation of Gemini…as for the westerly south.. It’s three crosses, the false, diamond, and the very true Southern Cross in which will help you find your way…

As for the moon Luna however it’s been very full at the point of Chinese Luna New Year… which happens to be on for this year is on the very day of Valentine’s Day 14th February ….. At the moment even typing away on this keyboard.. It’s still very full… One thing though on a full moon or few days pass it, you’ll get to see most of the Luna surface, but not so much the depths of the Luna landscape thou..  But mostly you’ll get to see the Maria’s (seas) the larger dark patches of the moon…

When you see the moon wink at it either in night or day …. It’s a tribute the late Astronaut Neil Armstrong …

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