STAR WARS | key chains- which side are you on…

Qmx have recently came out with some unique interesting key chains in which are featuring the Millennium Falcon in which makes a nice accessory to your girlfriend’s heavily modified YT-1300, or if you’re a bit Sithly The Imperial Star Destroyer also if you’re into a Bounty Hunter the Bobba Fetts Slave ship… in which the key chains are highly detail and crafted using the archival materials from Lucas Films, also are made out of solid steel alloy… each craft is about two inches long, and latching on to it is a durable key ring chain.. Fashionably this makes a very nice every day nice simple classical pendant to wear also once it has been modify to the appropriate fashion..

The Star wars key ring collection is expected to be release in store for the later 2nd quarter of 2014 year… Also like know more about the Star Wars key ring collection you could check it out at… ?

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