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I play a lot of Star Trek Online, also enjoy the way how the customisation of ships the look of it to make it yours, also the customisation of your game character, also your bridge crew. And I do a lot of interesting screenshots of my game play moments. Somehow I would like to translate that moment in game play motion to a three dimension.
It will be interesting if game studios work with 3D printers companies, create a game patch or program where you could download you character and printed it out instead of printing out the screenshot of game play, why not 3D print out the your character’s and gameplay moments, or the bridge crew characters that you’ve customised highly detail for the characters in height of twelve inches tall also when 3D printing your Starships in a fifteen inches in length or the users desire preferences of scale or depending of the users scale of printer also. But what’ll be really interesting given that you could print out your character to one to one scale such as the 3D printer used in the production of the Hobbit in weta workshops. Then later with the printed model of you character you painted them as you then to making a model kits set or the character gaming pieces on board games figures like Warhammer 40k. like one example here on Weta workshops on 3D printing props.

With this in mind you could, this model  provides a source where you could printed out other game characters from other games, that you love to have display on your shelf,desktop or on the floor scale 1:1 within the givein scale of your 3D printer printing in any scale. Providing to that within CAD software or within game that you could save the screenshot articulate the position of moment motion framely in 3D of your Character also providing Characters aswell where the fiqures are really unquinely yours and reliving the moment that you MMORPG in.

In just an update founding this at the Star trek Online forums,  this very cool company which does 3D print you characters from Blizzards World of Warcraft and MineCraft, which is very uniquely yours, check them out here  at  and the processes from order to delivery, hoping that Cryptic’s Star Trek Online does the same.

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