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On a previous post  in regardings to  Google glass– mark two ( Google Glass – education), with the onboard integrated Microsoft Kinect system added to the previous generation of the mark one Google Glass spectacles. As medical usage or applications this is where it’s gets interesting let’s add a pressure glove to the mix where the Doctor or Surgeon could feel of what’s a tool she or he’s grasping.

Now the Google glove plus kinetic (mark three) integration makes an interesting mixture of instruments, given that the operation of theater is remote location from where the Doctor is located, within this century the usage of robotics surgery is possible to do remote surgery instead of flying the doctor over or the surgery is requirely needed on the spot. As time progressives Ambulances need to change out into a modular form where operational theater unit is module out so it can be transported out by a drop in and carry out by a flying Ambulance chopper, the same way how choppers carrying cargo, also this will bypass traveling in traffic, or given that the unit is stuck in a traffic jam, where the emergency services are perform.

Given the modular design it gives the Ambulances work is done on the spot,  emergency operations also on remote aerial and terrain wise. Given this design the module Do as in a portable medical chamber that’s required of what the basics needs to do on patience, just in case a surgeon is not around to perform the operations to save patience’s life. With this in mind, Ambulances will need be modify to a size of a small to medium size armored personal carrier in which they need to house the required equipment to perform the operations. Given the case some modules are need to be fitted out between complexes to moderate operations with robotics surgical tools to perform the operations with Google Glass-medical, Mark three.

This Corning incorporated day in glass unpacked, with the hospital concept, gave the inspirationally thoughts of conceptioning thoughts of Google Glass-medical.

Back to the Google glass mark three, the concept in mind comes with having an interactive Augmented reality display connecting with the micro Kinect system inbuilt within the unit itself, as of the Mark two version as with the Google Glass Education, the glove with pressure sensors to feel the texturing of the of operations tactilely so the Operator, the Surgeon, Doctor, Nurse would know how far deep in scalping into the procedure. With this in mind this added an extra level to the way of how remote operations are perform though a highly secure network. This case could be applied into various different situations, the battlefield, remote locations saying forest, or an expedition where help is so remote like a given pre sample in that surgical table Meredith Vickers (Charlie Thereon) has in her escape module. Other situations where you could have a network of them as emergency hospitals operation theatres in a earthquakes or in role in disaster arenas.

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