2011 Lunar Eclipse- December 11th

You may wonder on the 11th  December 2011 that there was an Lunar eclipse, this one is when the Earth shadows the moon.  At this time watching the Lunar eclipse from the Stardome Observatory in Auckland started in the early hours of the morning of one O’clock then it settled for a blushing Luna Rosa roughly about 3:30 New Zealand time with daylight saving taking into account. It lasted up to an hour or two for the build up for the moon to be shrouded by the shadow of  Earth.

There was handsome handful of crowds of people whom waited ever so generously for the open windows of  the night sky  to open up, but only to be sheer up dressing by the ever so constant robbing of  clouds on  an opportunistic night.

That opportunistic night gave a slight unrevealing of the planet Jupiter, as the weather teased us. That teasing of the clouds gave a flirting whether that you going to see the moon blushing or concealing it from seeing it red. In some case that it did, and did get some photographs before it cloud over, with the Earth shadow nibbling at the whiteness of the surface of the moon.

At the most times I was helping everyone else getting good shots of using either photographic devices, of cameras and smart phones. In most case the smart phones of mostly used on that night was the iPhone 4 series including the iPhone 4s.  After having founding using the iPhone 4 series I found it reliable, and also it’s easy to run it having experience so many in different languages that it was prescribe to,  as in for the minority the Android phones was interesting there was so many camera applications to used, but the standard stock one proved to worthy holding it’s reputation to compete with it’s melee against the Apple iPhone 4 series.

By the time of  between 3:30 and four in the morning onwards New Zealand daylight savings time, the clouds, the weather flirted with us one more time before it long robe itself with clouds to finally to see any other glimpse of the moon blushing. But one last photo shoot of some one whom a Russian just only purchase her camera only days ago finally got the perfect photos that I consign to her the moon finally blushing in Luna Rosa, in orange red citrine in a glow.

For more information watch a feed from 3news.co.nz  of the event in New Zealand.

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