Trekking Auckland- North wharf

During the last quarter of December of 2011, I’ve decide to explore the new areas around Auckland, around the new developed  communities of what was a oil refinery converted into a communal open space, in which was in lack of around that area in between the Viaduct downtown,  Princess Wharf and the cross coastal areas of Victoria park Market.

The Newly acquired wharf area, namely North Wharf was in preparation for the Rugby world cup 2011, as another major open space pretty much so like the temporary Cloud convention structure on Queen’s wharf, until another properly fix building can be found to take it place.

North wharf has a mixture of restaurants, ranging from various eateries with flavoring dishes, in which could dine in or outdoors, in a grunge industrial park, harmonies with structural park before the eateries.

Along side the Wharf is  the Viaduct Events center, the structure can be describe like summer time Hong Kong late 1970’s out from one off Jackie Chan movies, with wearing a light white industrial naval simplistic coat or jump suit.

In previous to the Events center is the communal park which house well hidden footpath vehicle parking, and a circular tram. Within it contain several semi interactive artful structures, in merging, some that were relocated from other newly redevelopment from the central city as it grows within. There’s this open three level catwalk which gives you an open view of the city and harbor, also a communal Netball /Basket ball court that provide week and weekend days distractions.

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