January’s Jupiter

At the moment Jupiter is over hanging for summer season of summers nights for New Zealand. One interesting thing when looking at the planet is when you look long enough with long hours you’ll get to see it’s four main moons orbiting around the planet Jupiter casting it’s shadow onto the Jupiter’s surface atmosphere. Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Castillo are it’s four Galileo found moons plus there are 60 others.

Jupiter is 317.82 Earth’s mass. It’s averagely 778 412 020 Kilometers away distance away from the Sun, it’s Radius is 71 492 Kilometers making it 11.209 times Earth’s Radius.  It’s length of day is 9.925 hours it’s year is 11.87 Earth’s years. It’s Atmospheric Constituents is Hydrogen and Helium.

Photos were take by using the postcard method, using a Meade LX 200, 8 inch, using in between a 20 to 15mm lens, camera wise a Sony Cyber shot DSC-W180, freehand photographing. also using the weather as light fliter as to high attitude mist flittering out light which is to bright to get any details.  One nice thing is that I’ve notice the bands are shown neatly.

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