Death Star moments- San Francisco

I know it’s been a while since I last posted a post on this blog, I had other errands that required doing, and did a hiatus for a while. But I’ve  Found this clip on you tube, deplicting interesting showing up a three quarters complete Death star orbiting around Earth. Displaying the same orbit motions of the Earth’s moon of it’s rising and setting.

In this case the city, where It was vlog and mash at is San Fransico., from what I’ve seen it was a sort of rough to a mildly smooth transition for the residents for having the Imperial Galatic Empire at there stay.

In this footage you have you’ll typical protesting about the new visitors, few AT&T Imperial walkers either strolling down or partroling the beach, some interesting flights of the flybys of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Also a  Tie interceptor. And  a quite secretive landings and take off the Imperial Lambda class shuttle, interesting?

Cleverly done by Mike Horns you tube channel

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