Black in Fashion

In case that if you missed the fashion exhibition that was taken place during the Rugby World Cup, that was held inNew Zealand during the month of October 2011.

The exhibit was  a show case  for the Rugby World Cup 2011, and it show why is New Zealanders is obsessing about wearing the color black. In light of the of the Nation’s  international sporting color.

The exhibit also showcase various genres of fashion of top New Zealand Designers from past to present, and how they was influenced by the obsession black, from the farming gumboots to the fashionable catwalks.

The exhibit ran through the duration from ninth of September  till twenty fourth of October. It was held at the Britomart Precinct in the corner of Gore andGalway street. It was in the same darken classic retangular open block location in opposition to the Apple reseller Yoobee concept store.

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