Star Wars Sushi!

If you love eating Sushi also too watching  Star Wars at the same time these two items may be fitting for you.  This R2D2 droid soy sauce dispenser container is for you. It opens up when you add the soy in and then screw the R2 unit’s head back on. the soy pours out through it holographic projector port. Each Astro droid comes in three sets of colors, the R2D2 that we love in its traditional blue, white and sliver plus the darker black, following by the Scarlett red.

Another Item that accessorizes it, is a pair of light saber chopsticks that comes in different blade colors from each different star wars Jedi also Sliths Characters. These are pretty great, I’ve got a pair myself and I like the way how the end of the chopsticks grip moderately on the food, plus they make great desk accessories among with a collection of pens or an excellent work distraction while each hand carries one saber each and sword plays.

 So when R2D2 is guarding your delightful sushi, while you could go and pairing with light saber chopsticks with your favorite Asian cuisine.

 To find out more at:  The Japan trend shop.

 R2D2 loves soy sauce.

 Light saber chopsticks

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