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We’ve decide to warp to the next sector block, It’s Alpha Trianguli Block. Just enter into Dorvan Sector. Dropping out of warp entered into the Andoss System. Describing the system itself it’s barren, lace with icy moon orbiting around a also much icy planet. Scanning around this place is littered around debris of space junk. Looking  around the system itself,  it’s littered with parts of starship parts damage from every single Federation and non Federation species. The history of the place has the ever so constant en rich of  battlements from a very long time, the area is littered with the tornness of rip metal skins and ribs in flakes.

Indications of the area, Starfleet intel reports there’ve have been some interesting activities going among the area, like drop offs of interesting cargo, like how in the 20th century earth where they hide contra band substances in small containers with floatation buoys that are submerge under the ocean.

Knowing how this system work it’s best to drop in and swiftly scan for containers that have been dropped, awaiting for there smugglers to pick up. The goal, was not to disturb the items in mind, but to investigate scan the various contra band items that presented in the system. The scans indicated that  there were 4.7 Metric tones of Deuridum. Enough to Supply the Koblian Population.

Interesting to know that why the crates, and containers are there? The question lies exploring the other nearby systems for answering those questions.  Interesting to know this also the True way, some how is there a Cardassin connection to this? Noting of this system we’re only a few Sector blocks from DS9 Deep Space Nine, Bajor, this time we’ll need a much heavily class of ship…..other wise it’s sleath, and awesome skilling that counts.  Having Question we set making towards the end of the Andoss system time to investigate.

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