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It’s about a few day later since we got back from the Briar Patch after milling around, tweaking the ship, and finding used and new components to modify for installation and there’s also always shopping.

The away team and I, head back to the starship, started her up, her systems, warp core, impulse drives, warp drive, keeping weapons and defensives ratings on stand by for just in case if given any incursions that if there is.

Once we got started we started heading back to the same region where the Briar Patch is there’s a system that we haven’t been to yet. So making a course correction still in the Sirius sector Block, going past the Vulcan , Orion, then the Risa Sector where the Briar Patch is. We meant to head to the Imaga, but heard intel that there’s something interesting.

We’ve contact Starfleet, and the reported intel seems that the some unusually activity in the Koolhass system. So we proceeded to investigate.

Once warp into the Koolhass system, looking at the spatial environment, there’s a gaseous planet much like Saturn in the Sol System but only larger and slightly roasted golden. The planet is also ringed with debris of dust rocks, ice and other captured torn asteroids that vinyl around the planet, unlike Saturn the background of space is glowed form the nebula of the Briar Patch.

Reports suggest that’s there’s large deposits of Declalithium in the asteroids, some how that is very bad news, Declalithium is the raw material is in the production to procure red matter.

Knowing how dangerous red matter is and its devastating nature after the incident on the Romulan home world, using red matter to halt the impending supernova. It’s best to secure the system before anyone does. Also section 31 reports that Spock is no where to be found in this universe also among with his ship, and reports that there’s a spatial lighting storm in space.

One thing this mission is just a drop out of warp, impulse and scan for Declalithium, orthough I thought? There were surprise along the way having to scan the whole circumference of the ring debris Koolhass planet.

Surprising along the way, there were also gatecrashers, they were Klingon, they’ve must off caught on the news that red matter is the next best thing to the Starfleet’s Genesis Device.

At first there were a party of three Klingon Bird of prey class, but even more has we scan further deeper. Normally in this case out gun one Miranda class versa three bird of prey. There’s a few advantages that we undertook, the asteroids, and changing the shield, phasers weapons ratings in combination and also lowering the velocity that will keep my distance.

Having keeping her distances between the Klingons in attacking that will give more room to maneuver, also balancing out her shields and weapons ratings. Balancing out shields is another thing always rotating, discovering that having been direct attack it weaken the forwarding shields to the ship, but discovering rotating the ship around in dancing tango, will even out and minimizing her hull and shield breaches.

Phaser firing is other thing after discovering having to modify the ship’s phaser arrays firing. We tried all tried out the different combinations or accessories on her, from with least angled phaser arcs with the most, the one we’ve stuck with on her fashionably , is with the most, that will keep us shielded for quite some time.

Another advantage, asteroids. We found is hiding behind them, will provide us with cover also adding repairing her, and also buying time as you go for another round of battling it all out. The Klingons also buy there time to recover from our folly of attacks by cloaking. The moment that we think we’ve got them halfway in the folly, they cloak. Once they decloak they’ve made the necessary repairs. In the tango dancing of the combat, we discovering to focus on one target first then on to the next, panicking doesn’t help either way when you’re out numbered.

What also interesting is that picking up items along the way, after each Klingon dancing partner falls from grace, raiding. That might be used to bank, exchange for procurement of other interesting accessories.

Mostly along the way the interesting gatecrashers that met were the typical Klingon Bird of Preys, K’tinga, Negh’Var, Vor’cha, classes they pretty much make of the dancing Tango partners that she met along the way one by one they drop in the folly of lashes of her sliky phaser ribbons lashings and the rain of spinning ninja stars of quantum torpedoes.

Once we finalized the scans of the seven deposits of Declalithium. The Koolhass systems is secure has we hail reporting back to Starfleet Command and proceed to warp out from the system. As we heard that there’s another situation which involves an enemy contact, another time…..spoilers.

like a dress in red.

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