STAR TREK ONLINE – Follow the white rabbit.

Just entered the Briar Patch in the Kassase sector,  after receiving reports and intel of rumors Klingon activity, of constructing a new form of weapon, and holding scientist as hostages whom are force to work on somewhere in this massive murky nebula.

 After entering there been noticeable a large fields Metreon gas paddocks in the Briar Patch , which could be set off by any phaser fire or torpedo detonation could set of a major explosions within the patch in which could comprise the ship’s shields and hull.

One thing that I have notice traveling through the patch it slowed the ship moment right down, especially when going at full impulse, and also dangerous itself as when the Enterprise E when through during the Baku incident which lead to the death of  Commander Data.  traveling through meant the negotiatons of modifying the ship’s power management  ratings in between defense to velocity.

 At first detonation the various placed Metreon gas fields, would do Klingon more damage, but it had the opposite effect it comprise my ship’s shields and hull,  creating more easy hull breaches during combat, and having to re spawn a few times. Even though I’ve just upgraded the ship few days ago.

 Having destroyed mostly the objectives, naming various of heavy Klingon’s mobile cannon plaforms that gaurdly protects the path to the weapons installation. Noticing in the  field ship’s long range senors gets cofused therefore making our way closer slowly to scan closely delicately to check whether it’s a gaseous patch, or a weapons plaform.

 Having reach the installation, lies a Klingon K’tinga class patrolling.  At first when battling in this case, I’ve noticed that keeping you distance relativity away from the installation, reason why the K’tinga will draw the environment to it’s advantage, the gases, drawing you in closer to the installation, which you be fired apond by the installations cannons. While the batting occurs, the environment itself will over heat your engines and drain most of the power ratings away from you vital systems leaving you in needing more power to drive the phasers and firing torpedos cycles.

After and intensive long battle, patiences is well worth it! The next objective is to seriously gear up, serious on body armour. Beaming onboard the installation, starting to  rescue the hostages whom are working on the secret weapon. Along the way the rescue effort is interrupted by Klingons whom barrack your away team and you in a lock phaser combat fire in the Klingon décor interior passage ways to the rescue.

Freeing the hostages is interesting at first I presume there were many to free, but turns out there were only a few in this effort. Later onwards the away team and I starting to picking up several raiding items like medical supplements by unlocking several containers along the way. This large hall as we proceeded contained some sort of torpedo like warheads manufacturing that they’re working on. The next thing we did is to place charges on all four warheads and then trying to upload the information from the main computer console, which is in front of the hall.

 In terms of combat, I would say gear up seriously, and some times the use of hand combat is recommended, just in case your in close quarters of a fist full of dancing punching tango.

The away team and I proceed to make way back to first entry point where we transported to in the first instances that the transporters can’t seem to reach us where we are in depth of the   rocky astroid base, so going back where it’s more above the surface where the transporters work.  

It seems along the way unexpected of encountering that the doors also the corridors have been lock by the Klingon commander.  The only way out is to blast through the doors with a full blast with very much haste. After making way to the first place of instance, transporting back to the ship. There was one last thing that need to be done is to stop the Klingon Commander from escaping in a Raptor class.

This time, combat was a little slower and tricky due to knowing the environment.  Eventually it was slowing the ship down transferring the power ratings to shields, weapons plus crew they the most important.  After a few combatant dances the Raptor ended it’s plan escape, and the mission was done. Making away out from the Biriar patch slowly to warp out from the sector heading  back to Earth Space Dock for ship repairs other modifications, later in Club 47 with the away team for much earn rest.

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