There’s something about a coffee……….

There’s always that something about a friend, that’s always can trust on keep you awake during the nights, helping you through the night  of doing  of  work typing away on that soon need to be done assignment, or keeping someone captive attentively talking, sharing in those special moment after a date. It’s also a friend in the morning that lends you helping hand you get you out from a hangover from the night before.  

Your friend coffee comes in different ways of dressing your friend might come  as instant, or coffee-house made in either Latte, Flat white, also depending how you like to wardrobe your friend, they come in different form of many blends.

There’s one way of finding  your friend, is through this Starbucks app. even though the app services  doesn’t work in New Zealand Starbucks stores it works only in the United States stores.

This App does: it’s either in iPhone and on Android.

  • it allows you to customs build your drink.
  • finds the nearest Starbucks store from you geo location from your smart phone.
  • Browse the food menu what they have in place in store.
  • Allows you track your rewards program

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