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Currently these two years there’s been numerous of Chinese Private Space Companies that’s encompassing the Private Space Carrier Rocket market in which most are leading towards reusable carrier rockets in which there’s one in which will be testing there  newly design Carrier rocket with a live payload onboard launching in 2020 March.. In which launch two satellites from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center- Dongfeng Aerospace city in the Gobi Desert, Inner Mongolia – People’s Republic of China ….

At the moment, GalacticEnegry 星河, is in testing ground stages at the moment, with twenty large scale testing, in which the overall assemble of the carrier rocket with its integrated components will take shape in December 2019 production calendar of the CERES One Carrier Rocket. In most of the integration is based on the testing of interface adapters to be more accommodating also its adaptiveness towards various payloads…


GalacticEnegry 星河动力 -Ceres One Carrier Rocket is design to launch payloads into SSO orbital altitude of five hundred Kilometers above with a targeting orbit of ninety seven point four degrees orbital inclination……  as for the orbital payload delivery.. For the LEO – Low Earth Orbit – 200 Km- 350 Kilograms, SSO – Sun Synchronous Orbit – 700 Km – 230 Kilograms…

There’s second Carrier Rocket in development in which is the Reusable Carrier Rocket in which Carrier Rocket Pallas One, in which is a multiple staging Carrier Rocket in which comes in two stages the reusable Carrier rocket stage, with secondary stage as a delivery to orbit with landing units…  There are two launch payloads requirements for LEO-Low Earth Orbit – its four tonnes, for SSO –Sun Synchronous Orbit its two Tonnes …..

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