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Made in China – 中國製造, Home located across the cities region in between Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong towards Shenzhen- DJI has comes out with a revolutionary very safe way in spraying Pesticides, also insecticides of various assortments in order providing productive working efficiency also reduction of operational cost for farmers whom operated from family to industrial market gardening in Agricultural Spraying..

When knowingly understandably  Doing traditionally Agricultural spraying it can becomes a work hazard in gearing up in the right safety gear in preparation in which doing manned wise of utilizing the Tractor with the spraying device that connected towards the PTO that’s connected at the back the tractor to generated the pump generator to pump out the required dosage of right mixture of spray..  In which spraying with the tractor can be very time consuming in driving around the farm in vigorously spraying around the paddocks..

The DJI AGRAS MG-1S as combinations of innovations in which DJI has integrated with the all new A3 flight controller, with advance radar sensing systems that provides accurate reliability during flight also with a precession spraying system for an accurate flow rate…..

With the onboard radar the DJI AGRAS MG-1S Agricultural Spraying Drone, has an advance multiple radar sensing systems in which during the process of flight it will map out any obstacles that it learns for its next spraying operations, along with radar sensors….  Among it the drone has several redundancies just in case one part of the systems fail to continue the operation..

The DJI AGRAS MG-1S Agricultural Spraying Drone Controller can operated instead of one spraying drone it also can operated with Operation planning system in which a landscape mapping system that integrated with the controller also its DJI AGRICULTURE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM  that’s helps you to manage the spraying layout arrangements ..  Within the drone it has search lights in which can be operated during night spraying with an inbuilt with a 1080 HD 123 Degrees camera in which can be used to map out waypoints around the spraying affected area… in with a five hour working time…. As one controller it can pilot a fleet of five Drones to decrease the spraying time in that required field so the farmer can move onto another task..

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